Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thanksgiving dinner triage-HELP!

In spite of little miss "Say-sie"  (guess who says her own name now?) and I pouring over the fanciest of cooking magazines, I am totally uninspired for Thanksgiving dinner this year...and it's coming up fast!  So help a blogger out.  Tell me what will be on your table this year--I need some inspiration soon, because we need to put our CSA order in by Friday.  What's everyone making?  Don't blurk. Leave a comment:)


  1. Scalloped corn and twice baked sweet potatoes mashed with bacon and brown sugar... Can't wait.

  2. Seafood Gumbo ( Crab meat, shrimp, chicken, okra, sausage, oysters) and homemade bread. or the traditional:

    Green Bean Casserole
    Pecan Pie
    Baked Macaroni
    cornbread stuffing
    Honey glazed Ham
    Baked Macaroni

    .... man I am hungary now!! lol

    Happy Thanksgiving to you guys up there in Nome.


    Us Cajun Folks!!

  3. We made a version of this recipe a couple years ago

    and it covers both the squash and the stuffing! It was really tasty ours had fresh mushrooms too. This one is close but ours came from this book

    and was amazing!

    Good luck!

  4. Oh my gosh. These all sound amazing. Baked sweet potatoes with bacon and brown sugar? Yum! And you Cajun Folks got me hungry too. Maybe we should come to Louisiana for Thanksgiving instead! lol. That stuffing recipe looks awesome! Gonna check it out.

  5. A few days ago I tested roasted yams drizzled with olive oil, basil pesto and smoked paprika. Savory and not too sweet. Ernie's bidding for sausage and smoked oyster stuffing (I'd enjoy either or). The oysters we smoked a couple months ago are choice. The most important element is loved ones and friends to share with.

  6. Don't mean to sound uninspiring, but we love the traditional. When I asked Grandma Sophie for any ideas, she said:"What's wrong with turkey and dressing and pie(etc.)?" I agree, because we only have it a few times a year,and we look forward to it. However, I have a few tweaks on the "basics." 1) Instead of creamy sauce on green beans, drizzle fresh lemon juice in melted butter, and sprinkle with toasted, slivered almonds, (or macadamia, or whatever nuts Loren can eat these days.) 2) Homemade "raw" cranberry sauce. (This recipe is one my mother made, and my dad loved.) - With largest holes of a food grinder, grind 1 quart of wild Alaskan cranberries with 1 seedless orange (scrubbed rind included,) and 1 cored ,large, tart apple. Stir in 1 cup sugar, and refrigerate for at least a few hours. (We wait a day.)Then add more sugar as desired.This year we only added 1 and 1/4 cups total per batch. Refrigerate for at least several days,in a non- metal container, with lid. This will last for 6 months or more! This year I got a large clear glass jar. It looks so pretty in the back of the frig. The hardest part: not sampling daily, but saving for Thanksgiving and Christmas.(Note to non-Alaskan readers: Alaskan cranberries are smaller than ones bought in a store, and much more tart, but SO flavorful!)