Tuesday, November 8, 2011

starting to get a little frothy

The "real" storm isn't really scheduled to hit here till 6pm, but as you can see--the calm before the storm I posted about yesterday... it's over.  Everything in town is starting to shut down.  People are making a plan to hole up, the critters have all gotten the heck out of dodge....
except for the Ravens.  They are out playing in the wind.  Ravens are probably the skateboarding teenagers of the bird world. 

I think it was Shakespeare who wrote that "Hell hath no fury like that of a woman scorned."
For the next 48 hours the Bering Sea is going to be that woman.

ETA:  Well, it's 3:15 and the City just announced that everyone on Front St and other areas along the coast are recommended to evacuate by 6pm tonight.  So we are heading over to a friends'.  No more pretty ocean pictures for the blog--but the winds are getting pretty fierce out there.  At this point the only thing to do is hunker down and wait it out. 


  1. yikes! stay safe! hopefully that friend's house is like a 60 mile four wheeler ride inland. ;)

  2. Ha! Nope, We are like 3 blocks away from our house, but still... doubtful the water will make its way over here.

  3. So crazy! I hope you guys stay cozy and safe. Keep us posted - I promise never to complain about the Portland rain again. Much love.