Friday, November 4, 2011

finally, a cure for severe postpartum dry eyes

I don't think I've ever posted about this particular topic, but ever since I had Sadie I have been suffering from the worst case of dry eyes you can imagine.  Dry eyes as in cracking and raw at the corners, dry eyes, as in I can't wear my contact lenses for more than 3 hours without them killing me.  Dry eyes as in I-don't-even-make-tears-anymore-which-is-a-big-deal-for-me-cause-I'm-a-huge-crybaby. I was so bugged by this last winter that I went to see an eye doctor, who was not much help.  Basically he told me I would just have to live with it.  Thanks.  I tried using artificial tears for a bit... but I could only put them in when wearing my glasses because they gummed up my contacts so bad, and they would only afford a few short minutes of relief.

I started doing a bit of research online, and found one good suggestion...but the final part of the cure was a happy accident really. The good suggestion was to start supplementing with Evening Primrose Oil... which I did, and it helped a little bit.  I ordered a really high-quality, fresh batch from Mountain Rose Herbs, and I just add a tablespoon to the green smoothies I make for Sadie and I in the afternoon.

The happy accident is Sadie's fault.  I was looking on Amazon for some high-quality children's chewable vitamins for her, because she absolutely will.not. swallow the liquid infant vitamins anymore.  I can't blame her, they smell awful, and then she would spit them out all over--and they stain, to boot.  While I was researching kids vitamins (we decided to go with Nordic Naturals, by the way) I decided on a whim to order Loren and I some of these raw vitamins by vitamin code.  I had been hearing good things about them.  So I got a multivitamin for each of us, plus a bottle of the D3--a must have for the dark winter days.

Oh, my gosh.  All I can say is that all vitamins are not created equal.  I had been finishing up a bottle of prenatal vitamins and taking a daily dose of 1000IU of vitamin D before, but these  new vitamins make me feel awesome.  I take them before bed, and in the morning I feel rested, and energized--and this with the rapid dwindling of our daylight. Usually at this time of year I want to hibernate. Loren, who at first poo-pooed the vitamins I got him has been experiencing the same thing.  The other happy side effect of these vitamin gems is that my dry-eye issue is completely resolved.  I can wear my contacts all day again with no discomfort. In fact, my eyes feel great--and they look all sparkly again.  I am so sold on these--three cheers for  holistic, natural cures!


  1. Oh, wow, can I tell you how good it felt to read your post and realize I take the same multivitamin! Yeah!! I think I may be needing to take more D3, though. I will have to double check my bottle of D and see how much it is, but if you are taking 1000IU...I want to see how much I am. D is so hard to figure out how much is right/necessary. I'm glad you figured out your vitamin needs, though! It is such a big deal to helping one feel normal so to finally figure out something that lets you do normal things (like make tears!) is awesome.

  2. I always appreciate a good product review from someone I know and trust. =) I'll have to give these a try.

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