Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sadie's first Ptarmigtan Hunt

Last night while I was teaching pottery class Loren decided to take Sadie on an impromptu Ptarmigan hunt. He texted me the following pictures from his iphone.
note: Smartwool socks as mittens... nice work dad ;)
poor Ptarmigan, I always feel bad for them when their plumage changes to white before the snow falls, they kind of seem like sitting... um, Ptarmigan?  I guess they had a sporting chance though,  if they were being hunted by a guy with a blind, deaf Labrador, a spastic 2 year-old Boxer and a one-year-old in an Ergo backpack.
But everyone had a good time (excepting the Ptarmigan, I guess) and Sadie was so tuckered out she slept like an Angel last night...for the first time in months.  
So yay for Sadie's first Ptarmigan hunt!


  1. Yeeaaahhhhh!!! Go, Sadie! And go, Dad, for putting socks on as mittens because that is SO CUTE!! Sadie is seriously the Coolest. Baby. Ever. EVER. Like, I want to hang out with her and go for coffee sometime. Or maybe go on a road trip. Or maybe have a girls' night out and go dancing. Whatever, she just rocks.

  2. Dang Brittany... I wish you lived in Nome, because pretty sure I would take you up on that coffee date with Sadie! Of course, no delish fresh roasted green bean coffee here;)

  3. That is awesome! My husband took a look at the socks on her hands and said- "That's even better than mittens. They stay on." :) Love your blog!

  4. agreed: sadie is the coolest baby ever!!!!

  5. Tara, I would love to visit Nome sometime, if I am ever able! Definitely a part of the state I have never been to. Someday!

    (Also, my word capsha thing is "funlator," which makes me giggle.)