Sunday, October 30, 2011

Foxy Sadie

 The Arctic Fox is a critter whose cuteness is pretty much unparalleled as far as fuzzy white things go.   

Still. I think Sadie is trying to give this one a run for its money.
 Is it wrong that I kinda wish my kid always had a tail?
It's funny, because even though this costume is supposed to be a lil' fox, it kind of reminds me of this:
Which would also be another great costume.  I even have a grey fox tail I could switch out the white one with.  You might be wondering why I have so many fox tails.  That is a valid question.  I was wondering the same thing when I cleaned out my sewing room and found three of them. 
Happy Halloween... Get your wild rumpus on:)


  1. You have the most adorable daughter. And she has a fantastic mom. I love reading your blog!

  2. Cuteness personified!!! Love the white "mukluks" too.

  3. This is fantastic and the book reference is right on! Love it.