Friday, September 2, 2011

summer sliding into fall

The days have been getting shorter, and seemingly more busy, as summer comes to a close and fall creeps in. I can't put into words the way my eyes just want to drink in the sight of the tundra in fall.
Maybe it's because I know that soon the landscape will be void of any color (and warmth for that matter), but I really feel like if I had to pick a color palate for my soul, this would be it.
right, maybe minus the four wheeler--but the guys (Loren and my sister's main squeeze--Glen, who gets credit for the first three pictures seen here) have been out enjoying the fall colors too--and catching three delicious caribou that we are in the process of cleaning and putting in the freezer. 
Caribou is delish. Yesterday we put up almost 100# of homemade sausage of the breakfast, Italian, and Chorizo varieties. We ground up some of the caribou fat to add into the sausage to give it superior frying ability, and it is fan-frikin'-tastic if I do say so myself.  Today was ribs, and tomorrow will be hamburger, steaks and roasts.  Every time I get to clean and process an animal I feel so humbled and thankful for the gift of this animal's life that gives us clean, healthy and affordable food for the winter.   I also like that the people hunting for our meat are ethical, and don't waste anything.
That is all that is left of three caribou.  I guess you need to leave something for the bears, and shik-shiks. With my husband I always know that the meat will come in from the field clean and well cared for. I really appreciate that about him. It means a lot to me to be able to raise my little one on some of the healthiest food on earth--fresh game and fish, tundra berries and greens...look what good babies it grows! :)
Don't mind me if I use this as an opportunity to veer widely off topic and post gratuitously cute pictures of my baby... oh look, here's another one:
Ever since my sister was here last week Sadie has been obsessed with accessorizing.  Can't go wrong with striped pyjamas and a pom-pom scarf... no you cant.
What is it about my sleeping baby that I just love so much? Maybe that it is the only time she stays still long enough for me to really get a good look at her?


  1. Beautiful colors! (What are shik-shiks?) - Feel free to "veer off topic" anytime, if it means more pictures of Sadie! Cutest Pink Panther pic I've ever seen! (It's already copied and on our refrig.) (P.S. Re: your Aug. 23 blog - How's the sleep deprivation-Big Girl Bed situation?

  2. great post! love the pics. (of the tundra and of sadie). ;) you guys sure are lucky! we eat veggies from our garden and livestock from our barn but it is definitely definitely not the same as "wild from the tundra" ya know.

    p.s. blaine accessorizes with wearing a pillowcase around his neck like a scarf. so weird but adorable.