Monday, September 5, 2011

MIY Monday: Crocheted Eggs..Chrocheggs? (tutorial)

One thing that Sadie really, really likes is checking for eggs in our chicken coop.  I usually let her put the eggs in the carton (with intense supervision) but then she wants to take them out again, and put them in again, and... you get the picture.  It also goes without saying that eggs don't make the best toys.  Going through a box of yarn remnants from last years Sock Monkey Hat making binge, I found a color palate that reminded me of eggs, so I decided to make some eggs that Sadie can play with.
The yarn is organic, tea-dyed cotton in worsted weight.  These would probably look better if you were using a sock weight yarn, but I don't have any of that, and the point was to use up what I had, so... I used a G hook and started with a magic double loop of 6 single crochets. I crocheted these in the round, so you either have to count or use a thread marker.

Row 2  two SC in each stitch- 12 stitches.
Row 3 two SC in first stitch, SC in next: repeat around-18 stitches
Rows 4-8 SC in each stitch around- 18 stitches
Row 9: SC 2 together, SC one. Repeat around, 12 stitches
Row 10: SC in each stitch-12 stitches

at this point you should probably stuff the eggs. I am using a poly-fiber fill that is from a dog toy that Cash destroyed. I thought about putting a pebble into each egg, just to give them a more realistic weight, but kind of glad I skipped that step since one of the things Sadie has decided to do with the eggs is throw them at the dog's head.

Row 11: SC 2 together SC one, repeat around-6 stitches
Row 12: SC 2 together until the top is closed. 

Cut thread, pull tail through the last loop, and then use your crochet hook to pull the loose end back down into the egg--weave it through a couple times, then hide it.  Voilla. Crocheggs. Its a seriously quick and easy project. 
A perfect homemade toy to help your little practice those fine motor skills with none of the messy clean up that playing with real eggs requires.  And now I have until Christmas to figure out how to crochet the chicken to go with them.
Happy Monday!


  1. i love how you are like "Its a seriously quick and easy project". ha HA. not for us inadequate humans! ;)

  2. genius! if scotland doesn't work out - oregon is lovely in september :)