Monday, July 4, 2011

happy 4th

Hope yours was good... ours was busy and fun in an Alaskan summer kinda way.  The sun never went down, so like always, the fireworks were a little underwhelming.
But, they were loud enough to scare the bejeezurs out of the dogs.
The weather was chilly, the fire was toasty...
We cooked some FN FUN FOOD, and the beers stayed cold thanks to Loren and Caleb's Hamms Dam...
Sadie helped dad put up the tent:
and enjoyed contemplating nature in that deep way that only babies can...
While dad got to catch and release Grayling in frigid water late into the night in that way that only obsessed fly-fishermen can...
Mom got to snap pictures of wildlife, and wished she had remembered her longer lens.
but all told... it was a good weekend.
And we're all pooped.
Lets hope that stays metaphorical.  Happy first Fourth of July sweet Sadie, and happy Fourth to the rest of you too. 
xoxo, Tara

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