Friday, April 8, 2011

go. go. go.

Today was one of those days where you just don't get to stop.  I had to get up early this morning, set the ceramics studio up to host forty 6th graders who were "going to college" for the day.   In truth, I was kind of dreading it, but it turned out to be really fun.  It made me miss teaching those crazy jr. highers a little bit.

When I got home what I REALLY wanted was to take a three hour nap.  I am fighting off a cold, and my body does not like it.  This is only the third time since being pregnant with Sadie that I have been sick--so three colds in 18 months?  Could be (and has been) much worse. Right now I am sipping some hot water with lemon and honey and a bit of the special sauce.

Instead of a long nap, I got to take a 15 minute cat nap because I had to make a cake for my lovely friend Sarah's baby shower.  She just had the cutest little boy, Joseph. She had a homebirth--midwife delivery and her midwife had a home-birth husband delivery two weeks later!  Both the little babies were at the shower and they were so sweet and new.

The cake I made was a lemon-blueberry shortcake filled with lemon mousse and frosted with buttercream icing.  I would say it turned out okay, except that the cake totally fell apart into five pieces while I was putting it together.  Thank goodness for frosting, it does indeed cover a multitude of sins.  It will not, however, cover the sinful richness of this cake.  Whew. I was getting a sugar contact high just making it.  When it came to decorating I decided to go with something springy and Eastery because, well, that is all I could find, and I really, really, REALLY want it to be spring.  Ana, you will be happy to see that some of the"bag-o- 40 foil eggs" you sent me were put to good use! Loren's idea to sprinkle some coffee beans around the top of the cake to make the rabbit scene more realistic did not, however, make the final cut. (I thought it would be funny, but wasn't sure how well it would be received amongst mixed company.)
In keeping with the Easter theme, I let Sadie wear her fancy dress to the shower.  She even got to hold the Easter pail for a while until she managed to chew the handle loose.  Seriously--this kid...
I better get me to bed now because I need to recharge since I get to teach class all day tomorrow.  No lazy Saturday mornings for me until Hawaii in T-28 days. WOOT!
Happy weekend to you all!


  1. Hi! I wasn't sure the best way to get a hold of you. I left a message on Facebook earlier this week, but you were the winner in my soap contest! I would love to send you your soap! :o)

  2. Woo Hoo!!!! I will go on facebook and give you my address. Yay! I never win anything!

  3. That is exciting, why didn't I know about this soap contest? ; )

    Tara, good use of the bag-o-foil eggs they look lovely and spring-y on top of your cake, nice work : ) I hope everyone liked it.

    Make sure Sadie brings her easter dress to Hawaii so we can do cousin glam shots on the beach, Killian has an easter suit and nowhere to wear it so I figure we can play dress up with our kids, what do you say? : )

    Love you

  4. Good Idea Ana. We can definitely do it--cousin glam shots is always a good idea:) I, however, will not be bringing myself any formal wear to Hawaii.