Thursday, March 31, 2011


We have been having some visitors the last couple of weeks.  First, Sadie got to hang with her Grandma Caroline, and now she gets to hang out with her cousin Dimitri who just turned four months old. We  also had an impromptu visit from Grandpa Bill who stayed just long enough to make sure his boys (out on their caribou hunt--more about that later) were okay, and to help Alena and I drink the last good bottle of wine. 

It was all going so well until they showed up in the same outfit after nap time.  
ummm... awkward.
And a couple of shots of baby Dimitri's gratuitous cuteness.

Look at those cute little feet.  


  1. sooooo cute! sadie has so many teeth now!!!! bet she loved grandma time. :) and how neat to have a cousin so close in age to grow up with?!

  2. Love, love, love these pictures!!! You capture feelings! It's like we're right there. (And I don't mean the first pic-of me.But you did capture my joy!) I've already got these on our kitchen cabinet doors-so Grandpa Bill and I can see our adorable grandkids all day long. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Love"Grandma" Caroline

  3. Your photos are breathtaking! you always leave us wanting more. I love the one: "hmm, what do cousins taste like, I wonder..." and Dimi's portrait! Wow.