Tuesday, January 4, 2011

screeching babies and fabric flowers

Today was rough.  Sadie is teething, and miserable.  She screamed a high pitch scream every time I exited a 2-foot radius from her person. She shrieked and fussed when I held her.  She thrashed when she nursed.  To top it off I was summoned for jury duty and told that being a full time care provider for my infant is not an excuse for deferral. Who is going to love and care for this shrieking child if not moi? Bah.  It was so bad, that by 8pm I did what any self-respecting mother would do.  I called my own mom and cried. 

There are a million things that I should have  done around the house today, but instead I needed something theraputic for my soul. So after I folded laundry and Sadie went down for a nap I made some pretties that may or may not end up in a care package for a certain flower-accessory loving sister in Ketchikan.

I love these flower bobby pins.  It is a super easy and fun project that I got from here.  It satisfied my craft bug as well as my pyro tendencies.  Win WIN! I cut up a slinky faux-silk diaper cover (aka polyester) that someone had given Sadie, and used pigment dye  to darken the edges of the petals (although, to be honest, I think a black Sharpie would have worked just as well.)  Some plastic pearl beads complete the look.  Quick and easy-peasy.

Then I finished up this crocheted flower scarf, which has Mamastasia written all over it: 

Finally, I gave Sadie a bath, which made her happy for a little while, then we had a silly photo shoot which made us both feel a little better.  Notice the teething grimace :( 

xxoo Goodnight!


  1. those look great! you are certainly gifted in that department (creative and crafty). blaine has been grumpy lately too but he's been sick with a cold so i'm praying it is that and not teeth coming. always a question in my mind though.

  2. Love the flowers and beautiful Sadie! I'm sorry about the teething - it will get better and she'll have some really cute teeth to show for it. I don't know if it is the same in Alaska, but I got called for jury duty when Adelaide was little and I found if you say you are still breast feeding you can get out of it. You might see if that works.