Monday, January 24, 2011

MIY monday- crochet headband pattern & BLOG GIVEAWAY!

Hello, my name is Tara, and I am hooked on crochet.  Unfortunately, I also suffer from a lesser-know condition called crochet-D-D (crochet+A.D.D put together, get it?--forgive the terrible pun) This condition requires that every now and then I find a quick and easy project that I can finish in less than a couple of hours.  Therefore, when I saw the cute crocheted headbands my friend Esther has been making, I decided to pick up my hook and make up a simple, easy pattern.  I will include the pattern I made below, for all you crafty blog stalkers out there.

I am also doing the first EVER Making a Good Life BLOG GIVEAWAY!!!  
So here is the deal.  If you are a stalker reader of this blog, and want to win the headband pictured below,  just leave a comment below with your name and tell me why you read this blog.  Next Monday, I will use to select a winner.  It is super easy, almost as easy as making this crocheted headband.

I made this headband using bulky weight yarn and a J-hook

ch 4
ROW 1: dc in each st across, turn
ROW 2: dc in each st, inc 1 dc at the end of the row, turn
ROWS 3-10: rep row 2
ROWS 11-20 : dc in each st, turn
ROW 21: skip first dc, dc in each st, turn
ROW 22-31: repeat row 21 (you should end up with 4 remaining dc)
End/fasten off – you can weave in the tail when you crochet around the edge.
Finish band by single-crocheting around the edge.  
You can either fasten the ends together with a button, or you can just sew it up, which is what I did on this one.

RND1: Ch 6, dc in ring, *ch 3, dc in ring; rep from * 3 more times, ch 3; join with sl st in 3rd ch of beg ch.
RND 2: (Sc, hdc, 3 dc, hdc, sc) in each ch-3 sp around; join with sl st in first sc.
after this round you will end up with what looks like a flower with a wagon wheel inside.
to make the next two tiers you will be repeating Rnd 1& 2 on a smaller scale, and attached around the "spokes" of the wheel.

RND 3: *sl st around spoke, ch 4, repeat* around the circle
RND 4: (Sc, hdc, 2 dc, hdc, sc) in each ch-4 sp around; join with sl st in first sc
RND 5: repeat RND 3, but only chain 3 this time
RND 6: (Sc, hdc, 1 dc, hdc, sc) in each ch-3 sp around; join with sl st in first sc

fasten off, but leave a long tail for sewing the flower to the headband

a button looks pretty in the center too!
if you want to make a crocheted bubble, start by sc 6 st into a magic double loop.  Pull center tight. Single crochet in the round for about 3 rows and then begin decreasing by sc 2 together until you have what looks like a little crochet ball.  
Fasten off, and leave a long tail to sew into the flower.

There you have it.  easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy. Happy hookin'


  1. So pretty Tara! Well, I read this blog 'cause I miss my super cool friends and their little ones in Nome.

  2. I'll put my name in the hat for the headband give away. I read this blog for love, inspiration and delight and to watch sweet Sadie growing up too far away.

  3. Oooh, I'd love to put my name in! I read your blog because I enjoy hearing about your ecofriendliness and craftiness.

  4. I'm jealous of all your craft time you have! --Darcy

  5. Ok I am a little confused? I guess maybe i dont understand the pattern for the headband itself is tells you what to do for row 21 then it jumps to what to do for row 30-31 so what do i do for the rows 22-29? Love the looks of this can someone please help me? thanks

    1. I think this headband would look good in red and white or burgundy & white. I want to make something special for my music fraternity sisters. Our colors are red and white. I'm assuming (not always a good idea) that rows 22 to 29 are a repeat of row 21. Am I correct? My mother taught me to crochet many years ago and sitting down with a project reminds me of her. Thank you. AppleDandy

    2. It is supposed to read row 22-31--sorry about that. Hope you figured it out! I fixed the instructions.

  6. Ahh I love this! I want to win, pick me pick me :)

    1. O embarrassing this is an old giveaway. whoops.

    2. haha! I totally do things like that all the time. Don't feel bad :)

  7. Love this pattern!!! You should make your website compatible with Pinterest... because I would PIN it.
    Cheers! Jill

  8. Wow...I just saw all these other comments. Sorry, this was an older post. Jill- I will look into making my blog compatible with pinterest--although, it seems like maybe it is, because I just found this entry on someone's pin board. To clear up any confusion on the pattern I edited the mistake in the directions. Sorry about that, if you were trying to use these instructions and they confused you. This was my first attempt at writing a crochet pattern, maybe I should wait and give it a go after I am not such a sleep deprived new mama;)

  9. Hi Tara,
    Just happened by and read your wonderful blog!! My daughter lived in Anchorage for over six years and my husband and I were blessed to travel there several times. We Love Love Alaska!!!! She worked for the Alaska Center for the Blind and flew all over Alaska in bush planes to villages to work with the clients. She loved it she is living in Florida with her Navy Pilot husband. Anyways, I am always drawn to anything on Alaska........she and her husband went to visit in Sept. Your little girl is beautiful!!! If it weren't that our little grandchildren lived so close to us we too would consider living in Alaska! I enjoyed reading about your life ,,,,it makes me smile to see all the happy pictures. Thanks for sharing...........

    1. Thanks! Alaska is a pretty awesome place--we are thankful to live here.

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  11. Hi, I really like your blog. And you seem super nice. I have started this headband ear warmer but There is not any directions to chain up and does it need to be counted as the first DC? Thanks so much for your reply.

  12. Hi Lori, Sorry I haven't been on the blog much this holiday and just saw your post. Hopefully you figured it out already, but if not and you happen to check back you just chain up 4 stitches (whatever chain-on method you prefer) and then double crochet into those stitches. Hope this makes sense. Happy New Year!

  13. a quick thank you for the pattern. This cold weather had me needing a headband for tomorrow and this one turned out really cute, really fast. Have a great New Year!

    1. glad it worked out for you! Hope it keeps your ears toasty!

  14. Tara-
    I haven't crocheted a Headband before. I'm a little confused. Your instructions say to "Chain 4" in the beginning. Is that a misprint? It doesn't seem like it will be as wide as your photo. Can you help me out? Thank you! And, by the way! I love the finished product! I'm making this in SEAHAWK Colors! GO HAWKS!!!