Wednesday, January 12, 2011

got me a good man.

Today... we are here to celebrate El Guapo's ...... thirrrrtteee fiiiifth birthday!
(or,  mebey iz Loren's thirrrrteeee seeeeventh... same deeeference!)
Seriously... this guy is in HIGH DEMAND!

There are many things I appreciate about Loren...and since it is his birthday, I'm going to blog about him, cause that's how I roll, yo.

Loren is loyal.  He will stick with you through the good and the bad.  He is also an atrociously optimistic person; he ruins ALL the good pity parties with his unflinchingly corny sense of humor.

Loren is persistent.  If he says he will do something he will... it might take time, but it will be done. He is also very ethical and thorough.

Loren is delightfully geeky--Starwars? Check. LOTR? Check. Star Trek? Check. Battlestar Gallactica? Check and check.  (Win for me, since I am also a geek!)

Even after 10 years, Loren still brings me flowers, for no particular reason... just because he is old fashioned like that.

Loren keeps the freezer full of tasty animals.  Not only is he a good hunter, but he treats his animals, and the land, with respect and gratitude.  I REALLY appreciate that about him.

Loren is good at resolving conflict.  The Connollys hardly ever have to sing the family fight song when he's around.

Loren is a great father.  Every time Sadie sees him her little face just lights up with pure joy.  He is already her hero.

Loren always lets me win at cribbage.  He also makes a mean G&T.

Loren is my best friend.  I look forward to hanging out with him every day; it doesn't matter what we do.  It has been a good ten years so far... and I am hoping we can make a go of it for at least another 40.  I can honestly say that I will be happy to have the chance to grow old and senile with Loren.  We are going to lose everything... our glasses, our dentures,  cell phones, keys, wallets, everything. Well, everything except our love for each other and our family.  And really, what more can anyone ask for in life?
Happy Birthday to the BEST husband I've EVER had!
did I mention that Loren's terrible sense of humor is rubbing off on me?


  1. You are both so lucky :) Happy Birthday!

  2. Tara, You really know how to make a parent proud. Loren is a gem. He has enriched our lives for 37 years. Loren's Dad

  3. Thank you for so beautifully expressing your feelings for our son, and for making his life complete. - With love, pride, and gratitude, Caroline - PS:Love the photo! :)