Tuesday, November 30, 2010

goodbye Southeast Alaska

We just got home from a lovely Thanksgiving trip to Prince of Wales Island.  Oh, man. I totally miss Southeast Alaska.  Something about all the trees, and the way the air just drips with oxygen and the quiet woods with their thick blanket of moss just makes me want to stay there and NEVER leave.  Plus, my family is there so Sadie got to meet the rest of the Connolly/Jones clan, and I think she was quite delighted, if not constantly entertained.  It was a good trip, even with the unfortunate flu bug we picked up and the 12 hour travel days on either end of getting there.

To get into the holiday spirit, my mom and my sister Sarah and I went out and gathered Cedar, Hemlock, Spruce and Salal and made some beautiful Christmas wreaths.  I added a few birds and Kansashi flowers for flair.   Even though it would probably last longer outside, I am keeping it inside so I can smell it.  It is probably the last green thing I will get to look at till May. Sigh.


  1. The birds and kansashi flowers are delightful. Wreath-making with oned you love---priceless.

  2. the wreath is beautiful. what a good idea!

  3. I love your wreath...I made one with mom last year and loved it. I'm glad you got to take some green home with you. The birds and flowers definitely top it off perfectly, very pretty <3